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An Important Step

As you may know, the US Lighthouse Society has developed a comprehensive plan for preserving the Point Wilson Light Station. The next big step is to replace the roof on the 1879 keepers' duplex. With a good roof (and gull deterrent system!) in place we'll be able to begin work on preserving and restoring the duplex's interior.

Port Townsend's Hope Roofing is scheduled to start the roof replacement on September 27. Trouble is, the whole existing roof is absolutely covered with gull poop. Before it's safe to do the job, the roof needs to be cleaned. To do that we need a good external water supply for a pressure washer. Fortunately, there's yard hydrant in the "lawn" between the duplex and the lighthouse. Trouble is, it doesn't work!

So, before we can replace the roof we need to clean it. But before we can clean it we need to fix water supply in the yard. Luckily, project manager, Chad Kaiser and plumber Joel are the guys for the job.

Photo of Joel the plumber replacing the yard hydrant
Joel replaces the yard hydrant at the light station

And fix it is just what they did – on Labor Day, no less!

Thanks, Joel! Thanks, Chad!

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Roof Repair Prince George's company did an outstanding job replacing our roof. They provided a detailed estimate, used high-quality materials, and maintained a clean worksite throughout the project. We're extremely satisfied with the results and their customer service.

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