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Whit and Chris

If you and your sweetie were both in the US Navy and had decided it was time to tie the knot before you shipped out again, when and where would you choose to hold your ceremony? Earlier this year, Whit and Chris faced exactly that question. Their answer: 02 September 2023 at the Point Wilson Lighthouse. A pretty great choice, if you ask us!

Photo of Whit and Chris kissing outside the lantern at Point Wilson
A special place for a special kiss!

When the couple approached the US Lighthouse Society at Point Wilson about using the Lightstation for their special day, we were only too happy to help out.

Photo of Chris and Whit hugging outside Point Wilson Lighthouse
A great day for a a special couple

Now, whenever they round the corner from the Strait on their way to Bremerton after a long deployment beneath the waves – yes they're both submariners – do you suppose they'll smile more brightly than their shipmates when they spot the light at Point Wilson?

Photo of Whit and Chris kissing with Whidbey Island in the background
A day to remember

We bet they will. Wouldn't you?

Congratulations and all the best to you both from your friends at Point Wilson.

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