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The Point Wilson Lighthouse is an iconic part of Port Townsend. Images of our local lighthouse appear all over town. You'll see them on buildings, as photos hung in homes, as drawings and paintings in galleries downtown and in logos for local businesses and organizations.

For the last five years, the US Lighthouse Society and its local affiliate have been hard at work renovating and restoring the Point Wilson lightstation, and opening it to the public. To speed that process and -- in particular -- to open the lighthouse to more visitors, we could use a hand.

Photo of Don Olson and Dick Richardson
Kiwanis Club President, Don Olsen (l) introduces Point Wilson Volunteer Coordinator, Dick Richardson

On February 28, Volunteer Coordinator Dick Richardson and super volunteer Evelyn Richardson gave a presentation to the Kiwanis Club in Port Townsend to tell club members about the lighthouse and about what the Lighthouse Society and the many volunteers are doing there. And to ask them for help with this important work.

Photo of Liz Quayle and Dick Richardson
Kiwanis public relations chair Liz Quayle (l) welcomes Point Wilson Volunteer Coordinator, Dick Richardson.

If you're interested in learning more, or if you're a member of a group interested in what's going on at Port Townsend's lighthouse, please let us know:, We'd love to hear from you.

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