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A New Resident

On Sunday, the Point Wilson Light Station welcomed a new resident who's now greeting visitors on their way to the lighthouse. This stunning addition is already attracting plenty of attention and camera snaps from folks passing by. The full-sized driftwood horse sculpture was created for the light station by Travis Foreman. (That's him, second from the left in the photo.)

Photo of the four-person installation crew with the new driftwood horse sculpture.
Many thanks to the installation crew for bringing this lovely addition to the light station

If you've been to Point No Point in Hansville, WA, where the US Lighthouse Society has its headquarters, you'll no doubt remember that driftwood sculptures are a bit of a trademark for the Society. The grounds there feature quite a menagerie. You can see more of Travis's work on his pages at

One thing, though: Don't noble steeds all have names? What do you think we should call her? Or is she a him? Comments below. (And, no, we're not going for something dumb. So, no stuff like Horsey McHorseface, okay? ;-)

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