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A Nice Surprise on a Gloomy Morning

When the air is still and humidity is high, mornings at the lighthouse can start off on a gloomy note until the sun burns off the "marine layer." So it was as Bill, a docent at the lighthouse, and his colleagues prepared for visitors this last day of June. He wondered how long they'd have to wait for the sun and the rush of visitors a sunny day brings. In the meantime things would be pretty quiet.

Or not: For into the quiet lighthouse stepped four ladies from a Centrum Voice Workshop that was being held at Fort Worden State Park, Point Wilson's neighbor. They decided to stop by to say "Hi!" and have a look around.

While they were there they noticed the great acoustics in the main room and decided to brighten Bill's (and everybody's) day with a lovely rendition of the Southern gospel song, I'll Fly Away.

We think they brightened the weather, too. Shortly after their performance the marine layer lifted, letting the sun pop out. Here come the visitors the docents love to interact with!

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

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