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How YOU can Help!

While the docents were busy readying the lighthouse and grounds for the spring opening, the US Lighthouse Society (USLHS) has completed improvements such as replacing the roof on the Keeper’s House and septic systems but there is much more to do! Point Wilson Lighthouse cannot be renovated without your help! It will require lots of elbow grease from volunteers and when the monies are available contractors to perform the larger projects.

How can you help? Here are some ways you can help!

Volunteer. Put your energy and skills to use that will benefit the lighthouse in a variety of ways. There is always a need for docents, or tour guides that know the history and greet the public to provide information about the lighthouse and area. The list is long for what you may want to volunteer for, but, if you are interested, please consider signing up! There is a handy volunteer tab at the top of this website for this purpose.

Donate money. Right now that is what we don’t have a lot of. And renovating this beautiful, historic landmark will not be cheap. There are a number of ways to donate money.

#1 Join the U.S. Lighthouse Society On this website you can become a member and sign up for a variety of different levels. You will receive a decal, patch and membership card. Your donation will aid the entire Lighthouse Society in preserving lighthouses.

#2 Online donations. If you would simply like to donate money online directly to Point Wilson Lighthouse, you may click on the “Donation” tab above. This will redirect you to the website. From there, you can use the drop down menu to direct your dollars specifically to Point Wilson Lighthouse.

#3 Purchase License Plate. The Lighthouse Environmental Program (LEP) came up with the license plate program by purchasing a Washington State license plate for your vehicle that will financially aid lighthouses throughout the state. For more information, please visit Washington Lighthouses - License Plates. From there you can read more about how the program works and eventually onto the Washington State Dept. of Licensing website to begin the process of paying for the license plate. Lighthouses in Washington State will benefit from a percentage collected. Lighthouse organizations must apply for this money through a grant process.

#4 Donating money at the lighthouse. As you enter the lighthouse, you will see the large donation box. Although admission to the lighthouse is free, your donations are greatly appreciated!

#5 Rent the Chief's House! Yes, you can rent the Chief's House. It sleeps eight people and the proceeds help to maintain and renovate the lighthouse area. For more information, click on the "Vacation Rental" tab above. Later this year (2022) one side of the duplex in the Keeper's House will be available for rent too. Stay tuned!

Whichever way you choose to donate, please take away your memories of your visit and geography around Point Wilson. Point Wilson Lighthouse is a treasure and historic landmark that deserves to be saved.

Keeper's House showing off its replaced roof! Right side of duplex is being readied for vacation rentals in 2022.

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