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I Can See Clearly Now

Photo of view out dirty lighthouse window

One attempt to look through the lighthouse windows would tell you it's been a long, long time since they've been washed. The Strait of Juan de Fuca and Admiralty Inlet are right outside, but you'd hardly know it looking out a window. It was all a blur from the years-long salt build up.

I mentioned this to Jackson Mifsud and Lukas Hubbard yesterday and they immediately volunteered to fix the problem. Jackson and Lukas operate the Port Townsend window washing service Sudden Clarity. I know them because they've brought clarity to the windows in my house. I know they're professionals and I know they're quick, thorough, and careful.

I only talked to them yesterday but they were able to tack an end-of-the-day spot for the lighthouse on to their busy schedule. For today, no less.

In the course of about an hour they brought their trademark sudden clarity to the ground floor windows of the Point Wilson Lighthouse, cleaning all the windows, inside and out.

Photo of view through clean lighthouse window

The before and after difference is striking. (And, no, I didn't blur the before photo. It really did look that way.)

So, a big hats-off to Lukas and Jackson for volunteering, and for a job well done. Port Townsend's lighthouse supported by a Port Townsend small business. What could be better than that!

Photo of Lukas Hubbard and Jackson Mifsud with the newly cleaned windows
Sudden Clarity by Lukas and Jackson

Thanks, guys! We really appreciate it.

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1 Comment

James Angell
James Angell
Jul 14, 2021

Thanks so much guys, a great improvement! Also appreciate the Beer Chang shirt, Jackson, spent 10 years in Thailand.

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