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Local Preservation Support Shows in Volunteers

On December 28, 2019, the Point Wilson Lighthouse Preservation Project had its first volunteer meeting inside the "Cheif's" House on site. With about 20 people in attendance, we discussed the history of the site, what it took to actually get permission to proceed with restoration, as well as varied tasks and jobs that needed to be accomplished. We decided it was our goal to first have a soft opening of the lighthouse for tours - where we invite local residents and the media . . . then promote an actual regular tour schedule from there forward. There are still some details to work out with the U.S. Coast Guard, but things are looking good. The next item was finishing the "Cheif's" House in order to turn it into a vacation rental. The income generated from this are vital to our success. Eventually we hope to open all the residences on site (3 in all) to renters, but we're taking small steps while fundraising. In order to get this first house ready to rent we had to upgrade the water line coming to the site (with the help of the USCG), replace the septic system, furnish, paint and clean. Exterior work includes painting, gutter and window repair, fencing and landscaping. We hope to have our first renters in March.

A small work crew has already cleaned up the entire site, excavated pathways and cleaned out ancillary buildings - but there is a lot more that needs to be done. Every time a wave crashes over the rocks it brings with it sand and debris undoing what we just did. This will be a common and ongoing issue that is par for the course at Point Wilson.

Our next volunteer meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 11:00

am. It will be held in the south side of the keeper's duplex. Anyone interested wishing to attend should contact Jeff via email and let him know you're coming. It's already looking like a good turn out . . . don't be shy and help us restore this important maritime landmark, the only lighthouse in Port Townsend, the only lighthouse in Jefferson County, and one of the best lighthouses in Washington State!

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