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New Panels and Artifacts

If you haven't stopped by the lighthouse for a while, you really should! It's now open for tours on weekends. You'll be greeted by enthusiastic, knowledgeable docents who'd love to show you around the place and answer your questions. Besides climbing the tower there's lots of new things to see. Two new interpretive panels give an overview of the lighthouse's history in words and photos.

Photo of docents at Point Wilson lighthouse inspecting the new exhibits,

If you've wondered how the Fresnel lens at the top of the tower works, there's now an exhibit to help you out. Between the explanatory panel and the detailed Fresnel lens models on display, you'll soon discover the secrets of these fascinating lighthouse lenses.

Did you know that Fresnel lenses are used in aids to navigation much more widely than just in lighthouses? Have a close look at this pair of vintage buoy lenses on loan to the lighthouse from the US Lighthouse Society. Do you see the Fresnel lenses in them? They work the same way the big one upstairs does.

So, come see us! Catch the view from the tower and learn a bit about how the lighthouse works.

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