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Point Wilson Opens for 2022!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

April 16th marked our opening day for the lighthouse. If you visited last year we were in the middle of the pandemic. That meant we only allowed four people at a time in the lower portion of the lighthouse with a docent talking to visitors outside. We eventually allowed visitors to view the lantern atop the tower but it was difficult to maintain social distancing. This year, we encouraged face masks and the interpretive area was packed both days!

We had 146 visitors on Saturday and 165 on Sunday. That kept our four docents very busy answering questions, taking care of the gift shop and controlling the crowd to see the lantern.

Notes about Viewing the Lantern

We allowed visitors up the tower to view the lantern, however, they were asked to stop on the last step of the metal ladder so as not to touch the lens or carousel. Since the metal ladder is steep and intimidating, we limited the number of people on the ladder to one at a time. In other words, the tower was not designed for a large number of visitors. Even though children are permitted, some may be afraid of heights or climbing the steep ladder. For those reasons, we encourage parents to use judgement. The landing below the ladder has two windows and provides a pretty nice view. It is a privilege that the U.S. Coast Guard allows the U.S. Lighthouse Society to provide public access to the lighthouse.

A Big Thank You!

A big thank you goes out to the Admiralty Head Lighthouse (Whidbey Island) for Patrick Hussey and Wayne Clark to lend a hand. They are experienced docents from across Admiralty Inlet (we can see each other’s lighthouses!) and their advice and help was greatly appreciated!

Wayne Clark, dressed as a Lighthouse Keeper.

A Round of Applause and Thanks!

There is a new floor layout this year made possible by the “hole in the wall” for the Gift Shop. Thanks to our volunteer carpenter Dan RIchards and Frank Bruni for the great trim work. Thanks to Bill and Ann Testerman for painting the trim work too! Thanks to Dick and Evelyn Richardson for their never ending work at Point Wilson Lighthouse! Evelyn can usually be found taking care of the Gift Shop and Dick greeting visitors and giving them all a brief history of the lighthouse. And thanks to all of the volunteers that have put their attention into the lighthouse! This all cannot be possible without donations and help from visitors and the U.S. Lighthouse Society. We hope to add additional interpretive displays this year and enhance the visitor’s experience.

Dick, Evelyn Richardson and Wayne Clark, visiting docent from Admiralty

Head Lighthouse, clowning around in front of the new Gift Shop area.

Patrick Hussey, visiting docent from Admiralty Head Lighthouse, along with

Evelyn and Dick Richardson and Doug Pierce open the doors to the lighthouse!

To celebrate us opening, the Colgan family from Federal Way

were nearby and were the first visitors of 2022!

(Patrick Hussey is pictured second from the left!)

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