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Welcome Aboard!

The docents at Point Wilson Lighthouse are all volunteers. While they love what they do, they need a break every now and then. So, we're always looking for folks from the community who are interested in telling visitors about the history and importance of Port Townsend's wonderful lighthouse. That's why we were thrilled when, a few weeks ago, Jim Angell dropped in and asked about volunteering.

Photo of Jim Angell standing next to the Point Wilson Lighthouse
Jim Angell, new volunteer with the Point Wilson Lighthouse

We're still working on a few loose ends, but plans are that he and David Ehnebuske will be filling in for Dick and Evelyn for at least some of the weekend days in July. Both of them dropped in on Saturday to watch how Dick and Evelyn run the tours, and to get pointers on the details of what's needed to keep things running smoothly.

Grateful as we are for our new volunteer docents, we definitely need more help from community members. If you live in or around Port Townsend, are interested in the role the lighthouse has played in PT's history and would like to share your interest with lighthouse visitors, we'd love to talk to you! Just fill out out volunteer form (here) and we'll be in touch.

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