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The other day as our careful volunteers prepared the chief's house for its next guests, they discovered water on the floor of the laundry room. That's not good! A little investigation revealed the source of the trouble:

The water heater had developed a small leak. We can't have that for our guests! So we replaced the water heater with a nice new one. Quick work made everything good to go again just as the next guest family arrived.

Thanks everybody for the fantastic work!

If you'd like to stay at the restored Chief's House at the Point Wilson Light Station -- now featuring a brand new water heater! -- you can find out how here.

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Great work has been done by the diligent volunteers, the Chief's House was quickly restored for its next guests after discovering a water heater leak in the laundry room. A local HVAC Contractor promptly replaced it with a new one, ensuring everything was in order for the arriving family.

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